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                          • EN | CN
                          Wenling factory

                          Forest Packging Group Stock Corporation is a professional company with 5 factory to manufacture all kinds of packaging products, including paper box, corrugated box, color box, cardboard, carton box, paper bag, etc. We have Paper mill, Offset printing factory, watermark printing factory, sewage treatment plant and QC Lab. We have many advanced equipment, such as German Roland R904-7B four-color and R9055 five-color offset press, Japanese Roybi 754 four color offset press, five advanced 5-ply Corrugated Board Production Lines, automatic Printing Slotting/Die-cutting Machines, automatic folder gluer, UV Spot and Overall Coating Machine.

                          Linghai forest Packaging Co, Ltd. Wenling forest Packaging Co, Ltd.

                          Taiwan Xiangyi 2.5m Computer Controled Auto Corrugated Board High Speed Production Line
                          754 four color offset press of Japan
                          German Roland R700 full four-color offset printing machine
                          German Roland R904-7B large four-color offset press
                          Full automatic four color ink printing open die cutting machine
                          Fully automatic slotting cutting machine for colorless
                          Semi-automatic die cuting
                          Binding machine
                          Semi-automatic box machine